Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Pumpkin Day!

So do I have two cute pumpkins or what?  Around here, we are not  big fans of Halloween but I'm all about fall and if our kids want to dress up in a fun, un-scarey costume, & eat candy at our church festival until their bellies can take no more, fine by me!  So a few weeks ago, Jake and I were discussing costumes & he decided on superman.  So we did purchase a superman costume and he wore the tail off of it last week... ya know "rescuing princesses" & such!  So I was gonna have him wear it today to takes some pics w/ the sweet ballerina below & to the fall festival at Trinity.  After asking him at least 3 times to put his costume on, he says "mommy, I want to be just Jake."  What?? no superman?  I gave him several opportunities to change his mind & he was consistent, "just Jake!"  Keith even asked him before we headed up to the church just to make sure, explaining to him that all the other kids would have costumes.  Again, "Dad, I'm gonna be just Jake."  So whatever fine by me,  we love "just Jake."  So here are a couple of pics of  "just Jake" & the little ballerina Elin.