Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So Keith and I have been blessed with a wonderful new house! We have spent the last month dealing with agents, bankers, electricians, inspectors, painters, and finally movers! But to make a long story short we are now in our new house. Actually we are amazed at how smoothly everything went from finding our new home (3 days), selling our old home (under contract after being on the market for 4 days), to actually moving into our new home ( 3 weeks from the time we made our offer). God is so good and we just felt his favor and blessing all over us and we accept it with thanksgiving and gratefulness. Although I thought I was ready to get a new home, once we sold our old home, I began to get a little sad. Keith and I have had so many great memories there on 45th street. It was where we started, where we got Loa, where I was on "home rest" while pregnant with Jake, and where we brought Jake home from the hospital. But once we got into our new house I realized it was just that. It's a house... just like my house on 45th street. No matter what my address is or what type of roof is over my head, my HOME is where my boys are. I love you Keith and Jake!