Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pre-K! Woot Woot!

(Thanks for holding the chalkboard sign Jake.  I know you really didn't want to.)

Finally, Finally, Finally Jake started Pre-K yesterday.  He has been asking me when he is going back to school since his last day of daycare last July!  This boy loves school!  Even though I have worked with him at home, he still so COULD NOT wait to go back to school.  So he is going to Concord Baptist preschool on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings for 3 hours a day. He was super excited when he woke up yesterday & he did great when we took him to his class (so great he forgot to give his momma a hug...he got reminded though.) and he was still thrilled when I picked him up. We went and had lunch with our neighborhood friend who is in his class to wrap a great first day of Pre-K!  Last night when I put him to bed, I told him that I was so glad he loved his day and had a blast at school but then I said, "but just so you know, I really missed you being with me."  He looked at me with an endearing and yet proud smile & said, "Well, this is what we will do next time I go to school.  You can hold your hand out like this (palm open), & I'll kiss it.  Then you can close your hand tight and put it in your pocket.  Then when you start to miss me, just get it out of your pocket and put it like this (placing his hand on his cheek)."  So smart & thoughtful!  I think someone read The Kissing Hand at school today.  (If you've never read the book, it is super cute.)  What a memorable day, I love you Jake!