Saturday, January 5, 2013

Elin, 22 months

So I missed jotting anything down for Elin's 21st month, so I'll do a little combo here. Truthfully, it all beautifully runs together anyhow!  Well first off here is a picture that pretty much says it ALL!  


She is indeed crazy and quite the ham, just an absolute lover of life, probably like the majority of toddlers.  She loves to dance, dance, dance, walk backwards saying "back, I back," sit on the "touch" and read, and still at any moment turns into a panting puppy dog.  Well, that is until you ask her if she is a puppy dog then she responds with a "MEOW" (My mistake.)  She is quite observant pointing out runners on the street, the moon, Christmas lights & trees, and the small details of books like tiny bugs, flowers, planes etc that are more in the background of the scenes within her books.  She has started to color (which Jake says,"momma, she just scribble scrabbles.")  She; however, thinks she is writing her "name,"  of which she can finally say! YAY!  Elin also loves her clothes especially jackets, boots and bows. (Thanks Janda and Clinton for clothing our daughter with the beautiful hand me downs!) She has also recently decided that if she wants something, if she yells loud enough at us she will indeed get it. Hummm.... not so I'm afraid!  Some of Elin's go to phrases of recent are:

"To me?"   When she wants something like,"give it to me."
"Yummy, mommy"
"I color"
"k-Lub"    Turn the radio to K-love when in the car.
"Mommy! EAT!! CHEESE! HAM! EAT!"
 "Choc or Choc-y" for olvaltine in her milk
"Daddy wuk?" (work)
"LOA! get back! sit down!"
"Where's Jake-y?"
"I got it"
"care-fee" for "careful"
"ok, momma"
"libre" (library)
"baby, nigh nigh"
" I wuv you...daddy, mommy, jake-y"

And the list could go on....