Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Just Jake"

I think I have blogged or told most people who read this little blog that Jake often refers to himself as, "Just Jake."  It is usually in response to us asking him, what he is pretending to be, what he wants to dress up as, or when we call him silly names or one of his many nick name.  For example, he is still really into King David.  He can be, in one moment, frighting off wolves from his sheep herd or slaying Goliath and then in the next moment when I call him and say, "Hey David..." he will sweetly say, "Mom, now I'm Just Jake!"  Well pardon, my mistake.  So anyway, "Just Jake" comes up with some pretty humerus and sweet things quite often.  Here are several memorable quotes/or actions from "Just Jake" over the past several months.  But first, here is the one and only, "JUST JAKE"

When putting on his tennis shoes one day he said, "Dad, these have kinda outgrown me."

When making sure his hair was adequately rinsed while in his bath he said to  Keith, "Make sure my fur is okay."  (I promise the word "hair" is in the child's acquired vocabulary)

One of Jake's chores is to feed Loa.  On several occasions, when we are probably rushing him to do his job, we find him praying over her food... so sweet.

When talking about Keith's new job, Jake said, "maybe Jesus will give me a job when I get big like my Daddy."

Jake loves to play school.  After asking Keith to play school with him he says, "Okay Dad,  I'll be the teacher and you be the STUPID." Bawhahaha!!

After hearing the word, "student" on K-Love, he says to me, "we don't say "student" do we Mama?'

Jake to me before going into the bathroom to shower, "Don't get that pretty off of you Mama." (little charmer)

When he wants Keith to tell him a story, he says, "Daddy, read me a story out of your mouth."

In a disciplinary situation:
J: "Are ya going to give me a spanking?"
B:"No Jake"
J"Are ya going to put me in time out?"
B:"No jake"
J: "Well, Mama what are we going to do?"
B:"I'm going to give you grace this time Jake."
J:  Puzzled and really thinking about it, "Do we eat grace mama?"

Keith and Jake also frequently pretend play with the characters of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf.  Keith was going to send the big bad wolf out of jake's bedroom (probably attempting to wind the pretend play down) and Jake says, "Don't send him out of the bedroom into the living room, because mommy and Elin are in there and I would be real sad if we didn't have a mommy!"

Also in regard to the big bad wolf, one day after his rest time I found a big bad wolf torn out of a pop up version of The Three Little Pigs.  
B: "Jake why is this wolf torn out of your nice book? That is not how we treat our books."
J:  "Well Mom, I had to get him out of there so that he wouldn't hurt those little piggies!"

When going out to the car one morning, there was frost on the car. Jake excitedly said,  "Look Mom! There are bird feathers all over the car!

When running through the rain to get into the house he says, "did the rain mess up my Mustache?" (What?? Nope, it's just fine.) He was actually talking about the front of his hair that he attempted to flip up a little that day.

After I prayed over his cut finger, Jake took off the bandaid a few minutes later.  "Look mama there is no bleed on it. Jesus healed it FAST!"

New vocabulary used appropriately (surprisingly) : "realize," "recognize," and "preciate"

He called a large metal drainage pipe in a ditch, a "belly"

One day while playing w/ Elin he comes into the kitchen and says, "mama, me and my sister are going to college." Then I give him my best sad face, and he says,  "Don't worry it's not too far. (pause) It's actually in the playroom. (he pauses and is still studying my response) So you can come too if ya want."

When he came across a hula-hoop  at walmart he said, "Look Mom, a 'who ler loop!'"

When leaving a salon after a haircut, it was really windy, "don't let my haircut blow off!"
And then in the bath, "I don't wanna wash my haircut off!"

When getting ready one morning, Jake said very seriously, "All I have left is to do is brush my teeth & soth" (for "floss," for some reason that one really struck me funny.  It was all I could do to keep a somewhat straight face.)

To Keith at a sandwich shop, "dad, can I have your "pokey" ( toothpick in his sandwich)

We were sitting in our front yard eating a popsicle & chatting and he says,
J: "Mom, would you like to plant a garden soon?"
B: "I don't know Jake, what would you like to plant if we decided to plant a garden soon?"
J: "I would plant some BEAUTIFUL flowers so that I can pick them for YOU!" (again...Charmer)

At a friends wedding he wanted me to dance with him, and on the way out to the dance floor he said sweetly,   "Mom, let's dance for JESUS!'

"Mommy, isn't it so fun that we have a baby sister?"
"Mom, aren't you so glad that we got a baby!?!"

After nagging jake multiple times to get away from something hot, he says, “ that makes me tired” and I said “what?” and he says, “YOUR WORDS!”  (me too buddy, me too)

After telling Jake that he is going to give his bed to Allison and abby when they visit, he says in an astonished and sad tone, “I don’t want to give them my bed, why do I have to give it to them?”  I say, “ so they can sleep in it” followed by Jake saying, “will they give it back?”

When cleaning off a stain on the couch that sits near to jake’s time out chair, he says, “ what’s that?” I responded w/ “I don’t know.”  Jake then replies “ I think it’s that crying stuff from when I was in the time out chair yesterday” (AKA: tears/ or snot).

I often tell Jake, when he is having a hard time formulating his thoughts into a sentence, "Jake focus, think about what you are trying to say, focus on your words."  One day I was losing my train of thought when I was talking to Keith & jake of course says, "Mama, think about your words!"

And last but most definitely my favorite "Just Jake" saying is this, "My Mama." He says, "My Mama, can I..." ,  "I don't know, My Mama...," & "I love you My mama!" ( I love you too,  "Just Jake").

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sweet Birthday Girl, Elin

So as I said in the previous post, we were living in the Residence Inn when Elin actually turned one, so although we could have actually had people attend her party there (you know, all the friends Jake made) we opted to wait a few weeks until we were in our house.  So it was just us four for her little party & everything was very simple and laid back.  (Now, how can I ensure that Elin never sees the pictures from Jake's previous 3 birthdays... I've been known to go overboard!) We had a sweet time just watching Elin and soaking it all in.  Love, love, love this beautiful daughter of ours.  Thank you Lord for trusting us with this precious soul. We love you Elin!  


   It didn't take her but a second to figure out what to do with the cupcake.

But she did keep her eye on Jake, to make sure she did it just right!

        Sugar buzzed; below

PRESENTS!!  Check out her hand on her hip!


   (and how about those legs!?!)

           After cupcakes and presents Jake did not think her party was complete, " Mom, I think now, Elin would like for me to blow her some bubbles for her birthday!"  Good thinking kid, she did love them.

Happy birthday little one.