Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sister "E" at 15 months

Elin turned 15 months near the end of May, so it is only fitting that I attempt to record a few things for her 15th month before 16 months is here!  Oh well, trust me, this is not the only thing that I am behind on!  Here is a sweet pic of the little Miss when we took Nana and Pop to The Smokies  during their visit.

Elin's language is really picking up, with lots of new words and although I feel that her receptive skills have been noticeably progressing for several months, now she is consistently expressing that she understands with strong, "DO" for "no" and energetic head nods for "yes." New words: "Wowa" = Loa, "soos" = shoes, "bobby" = mommy, "bye, bye," "hi," "go," "down"= up or down,  "eddy" = ready, & "nummy, nummy, nummy" = anything that tastes good.   She also loves to show you her belly & find your nose and eyes. See below for proof.

She definitely has her moments of being independent also.  She does NOT want to be fed, she only wants finger foods unless you can sneak a bite from a spoon into her little mouth to entice her...then she MIGHT allow you to load a spoon for her to self feed.  She also doesn't want her hand to be held while walking, even if she's going 90 to nothing, swinging her left arm all the way down the hill of our drive way!

She likes to play with any ball, of which she will throw and say "go!" immediately followed by  her determined fast paced march to go retrieve it only to do the same routine again & again! She likes to play peek-a-boo (except she says, "bo!'), sometimes only covering one eye... or sometimes putting her hands on her temples instead of eyes.  Playing peek a boo with daddy in the morning when he gets her up has become expected. Her favorite song is Itsy Bitsy Spider  & she really loves the flap board books.

Thanks to our dear friend Janda and her girls, Elin has more shoes than the rest of the household combined & she loves them.  A favorite game to play is dress up with shoes and hair clips.  She will get a pair of shoes, bring them to you, sit in your lap and say "soos?" We put them on and then she will go get another pair of "soos."   (Unless you try to get her to wear pink furry boots, and let me tell ya, she won't have it! she shakes her head saying "do, do, do" and it might turn into a fit if ya push it.) Keith will do this with her, literally for an hour. One day I came home from doing errands & they both  had multiple clips in their hair and Elin was still trying on shoes! ( didn't get a pic of that one!)

Elin loves to go on stroller rides and be outside of course and she still loves her "dake." She is somewhat stingy with her hugs and kisses, but often now when she first sees "dake" in the morning she  tells him to come to her with her hands and then she takes both of her hands to his face and gives him that wonderful toddler open mouth smooch.  So sweet.  Love you "E."