Sunday, April 18, 2010

March: 22 months

March was a fun month for Jake.  It was his last month in "Nursery 3" at school, where his beloved "Me" was his teacher.  "Me"  is actually "Carrie" but Jake called her "me" and I think she kinda liked it.  She told me one day when I was picking him up that he kept going up to her and saying "ME, hi!, ME, hi!"  At first she thought that he was looking for some attention, wanting her to say hi to him and then she said, "I later figured it out ...that he was calling me, 'ME!'"  The toddler language processes are hilarious to me!!  In March we also went to Brownwood for Abby's 3rd birthday party, and let me tell ya, Jake loves his "Babby!"  He also tries to say Allison's name, but it somehow sounds like the word, "eyes".  But still, it's cute!  maybe I will get a video eventually of all the funny words he has but until then here are some pictures of Jake with the girls!




Feb: 21 MONTHS

So I really have taken pictures of Jake over the past few months, just not getting too many posts up! Here are some pictures that I took in February (21 months old).  Jake has been talking up a storm since about December, but in February he really started becoming very entertaining verbally!  He has also become quite strong and motor wise,  I think he's doing just fine, at least I think that is what escaping from his crib without a bump or a scrape means!  He was madder than an old wet hen one afternoon, so I put him in his bed and shut the door.  All of a sudden the screaming halted and just as I was thinking, "Oh, he must be 'happy' now, I'll go get him," his bedroom door swung open and he came running into the bathroom (where I was) saying, "Mommy, ge ou, ge ou!"  (Mommy, Jake out, Jake out!!).  I am sure that my facial expression was priceless, but needless to say that was the day I ordered the toddler rail for his bed!