Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So for Jake's big #1 we had a Dr. Suess party. I was curious to see how he would do during the party... with all the people and acitivities, but he did great! He acted like he knew that it was his big day. He hit the ground running that day and had such a big time. It was so much fun. He loved getting tangled up in the helium balloons that we got him and dragging them around everywhere saying "ba ba ba"! He demolished his cake, pounding it on his tray and then to the floor. He did save a few bites to try but was more intereseted in playing in it. And his favorite presents, at least initially, probably more "ba, ba,ba" (this time for balls that John and Julie got him) or the box of Kleenex from his clever Daddy. He had such a fun time seeing everyone, thanks so much for sharing May 23rd with us!

This month he has mastered running, stealing toilet paper off the roll, all different sounds and intonations, and he loves animals, making his funny highpitched "OOh" sound everytime he sees one. His favorite toy at daycare is a pink glow worm HA HA; Keith loves that! This little one is very loving, what a blessed year we have had with him.