Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Gu Gus" "Gu Gus"

This may seem like a silly post, but not if ya know just how much this little guy loves the "gu gus," AKA "ducks." We have a park with a pond a few blocks from our house, and Jake loves to go see the ducks, feed the ducks, or just drive by the ducks. So we have made many trips, basically any day that the weather is half way descent, to visit the ducks, the many many ducks!

Our playa lake this winter was quite culturally diverse as well:

First ya have the LOCALS:

Then ya have the TOURISTS, the Canadian geese:

And last and certainly least, ya have what we call ..... the GANGSTER GEESE:

And I do mean "GANGSTA!!", these dudes are mean and they basically charge you, HONKING and HISSING the whole way. So... when we visit the ducks, we make a game out of not getting caught in the middle of the gangster crossing. First we find just the right location on the lake, (clear across the lake from the gang) then we feed the others as quickly, as Jake's little fingers can tear and throw the bread. Then as the HONKING and the HISSING approaches, I pick Jake up and Run, Run, Run! He just laughs, I think that is his favorite part!! And guess what, we'll do the same thing tomorrow and the day after and.....