Sunday, April 18, 2010

March: 22 months

March was a fun month for Jake.  It was his last month in "Nursery 3" at school, where his beloved "Me" was his teacher.  "Me"  is actually "Carrie" but Jake called her "me" and I think she kinda liked it.  She told me one day when I was picking him up that he kept going up to her and saying "ME, hi!, ME, hi!"  At first she thought that he was looking for some attention, wanting her to say hi to him and then she said, "I later figured it out ...that he was calling me, 'ME!'"  The toddler language processes are hilarious to me!!  In March we also went to Brownwood for Abby's 3rd birthday party, and let me tell ya, Jake loves his "Babby!"  He also tries to say Allison's name, but it somehow sounds like the word, "eyes".  But still, it's cute!  maybe I will get a video eventually of all the funny words he has but until then here are some pictures of Jake with the girls!




Feb: 21 MONTHS

So I really have taken pictures of Jake over the past few months, just not getting too many posts up! Here are some pictures that I took in February (21 months old).  Jake has been talking up a storm since about December, but in February he really started becoming very entertaining verbally!  He has also become quite strong and motor wise,  I think he's doing just fine, at least I think that is what escaping from his crib without a bump or a scrape means!  He was madder than an old wet hen one afternoon, so I put him in his bed and shut the door.  All of a sudden the screaming halted and just as I was thinking, "Oh, he must be 'happy' now, I'll go get him," his bedroom door swung open and he came running into the bathroom (where I was) saying, "Mommy, ge ou, ge ou!"  (Mommy, Jake out, Jake out!!).  I am sure that my facial expression was priceless, but needless to say that was the day I ordered the toddler rail for his bed!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Gu Gus" "Gu Gus"

This may seem like a silly post, but not if ya know just how much this little guy loves the "gu gus," AKA "ducks." We have a park with a pond a few blocks from our house, and Jake loves to go see the ducks, feed the ducks, or just drive by the ducks. So we have made many trips, basically any day that the weather is half way descent, to visit the ducks, the many many ducks!

Our playa lake this winter was quite culturally diverse as well:

First ya have the LOCALS:

Then ya have the TOURISTS, the Canadian geese:

And last and certainly least, ya have what we call ..... the GANGSTER GEESE:

And I do mean "GANGSTA!!", these dudes are mean and they basically charge you, HONKING and HISSING the whole way. So... when we visit the ducks, we make a game out of not getting caught in the middle of the gangster crossing. First we find just the right location on the lake, (clear across the lake from the gang) then we feed the others as quickly, as Jake's little fingers can tear and throw the bread. Then as the HONKING and the HISSING approaches, I pick Jake up and Run, Run, Run! He just laughs, I think that is his favorite part!! And guess what, we'll do the same thing tomorrow and the day after and.....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

December to February

It has been several months, but here is some video. Also, Becca uploaded a lot of pictures recently. You can click on the January and February tabs in the margin to see them. Hope you enjoy. Keith

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christmas Season, 2009

This Christmas was so much fun! We had a great time with Jake baking, visiting neighbors and spending time with family. We even got snow this year! (Fun for us, but maybe not so much fun for John and Julie. Hopefully they will soon forget their miserable many hours stuck on the interstate due to ice and decide to come back to Lubbock at some point!) We are so thankful for the birth of our Savior and excited to celebrate Him with family and friends!

Here are some pictures from December.

Jake's favorite Christmas present might have been these big bopper balloons. Anyone think that the first picture looks like a little John Carter besides me???

Playing with Granddad's banks

Christmas Morning

Potty from Santa!!

Making and eating Jesus' birthday cake:

Helping Mommy and Pop make chocolate creme cherries

Jake breaking in his early Christmas present:

Jake's Christmas party at school:

Baking bread for the neighbors. I think I have a little chef on my hands.
OOh it's so good!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Catch up time....AGAIN

So I guess it is apparent that I have taken a leave from blogging.... so time for me to catch up. The procrastination side of me says, just start this month and move forward. Unfortunately the legalistic side of me needs to post at least one picture for each month I missed. Procrastination and legalism ... probably not two of my better qualities, but this time the legalistic side wins.
Enjoy a few pics.

November 2009:

November 23rd, 18 months

October 2009:

(UH...Why can't we all just be football players for Halloween?)

Oct. 23, 2009 (17 months)

(What? Is there something wrong with my hair?)

Sept. 23rd (16 months) :