Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Elin, 19 Months

“Oh SISTER!!” We’ve been saying and hearing that a lot around the house lately.  Elin, now 19 months is full of energy, independence and just plain, down right cuteness! Caution: I am about to just download some sweet, funny, and statistical things that most likely no one cares about BUT me…I just don’t want to forget this amazing stage that Elin is at right now.


                                              (Tending our little fall garden.)

So the stats first.  At Elin’s last Dr’s appt (supposed to be her 18 month check up; actually done at 19 because I was procrastinating on getting shots!) she weighed: 23 pounds and was 33 inches long, I think. Ha! I was having a hard time paying attention to the height measurement.

At the appt, she was extremely aware of her environment, which was demonstrated by the blood-curdling scream that was followed immediately with crying in horror when the nurse called her name to leave the waiting room.  It wasn’t a fit; actually, she was literally scared senseless! She screamed the entire time the nurse was weighing and measuring her.  Once we got in the room she calmed… until the pediatrician came in.  She took one look at him and let him experience the pain of your ears ringing following one of her extreme screams.  We’ll just say that the dr.’s office is not her favorite.  We also enjoyed the same response when I took her with me to a quick optometrist appt.  Who would’ve thought?  Nonetheless, she is a smart little cookie (or “key- coo” as she would say.)

(Loves to ring the door bell.)

I am amazed at her language skills & I have not done anything different with her than I did Jake; and actually if I had, it would be considered less than what I did with Jake but she is way ahead of where he was at this age.  She is using new words daily and putting 2-3 words together often.   One fun thing she repeatedly says is,“ Jake…K?, Mommy…K?, Daddy….K?” Each time she asks someone the question she leans her head forward and then shakes her head saying, “yes.”  EVERY TIME.  She also tells us that she loves us, in the same manner.  “jake… I love you.”  “I know” means “I don’t know. “  “you?” means, “hold my hand and help me down” from where she is like the porch stairs or a step stool.  “Side?” means, “can we go outside?” Words like, “baby, Bible, book, out, down, doll, ‘quack” (duck) cheese, eat, ball, water, ‘moan’ (for phone) Loa, jake, and mommy & daddy” also get strung together in some pretty interesting phrases.  I think she just likes to hear herself use all of those fancy new words. 

I would have to say playing outside and reading books are her main interests during playtime. She likes to swing but she LOVES to “lide.” (slide).    She will also often bring a few toys into the kitchen when I am cooking dinner and put them on the floor and then she says, “sit down!…. Play?”   She also still loves to try on shoes and bows when playing in her room.  Usually the first thing she requests when she gets up in the morning is her shoes and sometimes her bow (which is really a clip, she doesn’t love bows really). Crazy girl!

Bedtime is pretty unique with her as well.  She will not allow me to hold her while we do our bedtime routine.  She must be sitting next to me in the chair and not always am I allowed to put my arm around her.  (so opposite from Mr. “I need some holding” Jake.)  She does have some favorite books, Oh My Oh My Dinosaurs and Pajama time, both by Sandra Boynton.  She calls the latter, “DE- BOP!” Pretty cute; especially if you are familiar with the book.  Itsy Bitsy has been replaced with her new favorite song Fuzzy Caterpillar. So after I wrap up her routine at bedtime she gets in her crib and waits for Keith.  He lays by her crib for a few minutes and talks to her almost every night.  She loves to put her feet through the slats of the bed and she lets Keith rub her toes.  She occasionally puts her baby’s feet through there too for Keith to rub as well.  I am near certain he obliges.   Love you Sis!