Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend at the Beach... Kind of

So I have really been wanting to make it to the beach since we have moved to Knox, it's only 8 hours away now!  That just has NOT happened, but this weekend we did make it to a state that HAS a beach... does that count?   We went maybe 10 miles into North Carolina to visit Lake Santeetlah.  We thought it was beautiful and had just a relaxing fun time playing on the beach and in the swimming area.  Here are a few more than a few pics.

So Jake and I started out the afternoon with building a sand castle.....

& this is what we got from Miss Priss

She just wasn't having it.... until her Daddy got her belly full.  Then she was a much happier camper. 

We all worked on sand castles on and off all day... I think we might need lessons, but it was fun none the less.  

Elin marched up and down the beach most of the afternoon, splashing in the water, playing  in the sand, and introducing herself to many strangers.
I'm a HAM..                                                      
Oh Yea, I am a HAM
No I'm not...I'm Serious

(I love this one)

                            And someone ate a few too many oreos, but we won't say who...

Jake and Keith did fish some, Keith said that Jake was quite the caster.  But no luck catching anything.  I think Jake would have stayed until dark, he had a blast playing in the water and the sand.

 And they were out within about 10 minutes of the drive home; which was great because Keith & I actually got to talk the entire way home.  What a fun day!


  1. Oh Becca...we will never get you back to Texas for sure now. This looks like the most fun day EVER. I am so glad you found this spot...I bet it becomes a favorite. I love the pictures and I love hearing about your lives!!! Love you so much!!

  2. what Sheba said without all the gushy stuff.....more pics are always good!

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  3. Sheba: It was an awesome day & I love you too.
    Paul: You crack me up...& Sheba's trying not to laugh!

    1. Is that Paul, my brother? I was showing great restraint...I can get much gushier than that! Pics are always welcome. LOL