Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elin, 20 months

Sweet Elin, though hard to believe, is already 20 months old. I'm having a hard time with that one. She is nearly two years old!  How can that be?  So much to say about her, but yet I think I have already said it before.  I think she is just becoming sweeter, more loving, more precise in her communication, and more of a joy to have in our family every day.  She has my heart for sure... and of course she has Keith's.  Now that is a sweet sight to see.  She loves her Daddy for sure.

 Some of her favorite things:

1.    Slides.  She loves them and can spot them from a mile away while on walks or in the car.
2.    Being outside ("side").  She would run and play and wander in circles outside all day if
3.    Cheese, cheese, and did I say cheese?  A day without cheese is a sad day for Elin.
4.    Her baby. She feeds her, tells her "night night"and tells me when she is "shew wee"
       needing a diaper change.
5.    Bible. Wants it in bed with her at naps and at night time.
6.    Shoes and bows.  Her first request in the mornings. Crazy huh?
7.    Scarecrows.  She so inquisitively studies their painted on faces.
8.    Fuzzy caterpillar and Itsy Bitsy Spider (songs)
9.    Music in the car.
10.  When she hears the house alarm beep indicating that Daddy is home.  The squealing &
        laughter is intense and such a precious sight.

Love you "E."

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